"Catering naps by the hour and serenity by the minute"

~ The Body Elevator 

Whether you need stress relief, pain management or much needed pampering The Body Elevator Company is available to assist you on your self-care journey; catering naps by the hour and serenity by the minute.  As a relaxation specialist, DeAndra offers a variety of techniques that soothe the body, mind, and spirit. She believes in the body’s natural ability to heal itself with the assistance of massage therapy. Her style is nurturing and methodical, customizing treatments that beautifully combine pampering and therapy. As a business owner, DeAndra takes pride in providing excellent customer service by using clean, organic and vegan products in session. 


DeAndra has been licensed for four years, attended Texas Center for Massage Therapy and has taken continuing education courses in manual lymphatic drainage, advanced deep tissue techniques for neck, shoulder and upper back, cupping and is currently studying for a Masters in Herbalism. In her career as a massage technician she has held the titles of Operations Manager, Spa Coordinator, Lead Therapist, and Brand Trainer at both big and boutique spas in Texas and the District of Columbia. She previously owned and operated Much Kneaded Massage Therapy, a mobile massage company based in Houston, TX. DeAndra is a Rochester, New York native, proud graduate of Bennett College for Women and a member of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc.


Hello my name is Brandon Lopez and I graduated from Cortiva Institute of massage therapy and also have a BA in Sports Medicine. I am also a Navy Veteran serving 6 years of honorable service for my country. My reason for choosing a career in massage therapy is having a job that may help an individual achieve an optimal level of wellness in any aspect of their life through natural healing! I believe that by drastically influencing ones wellbeing through simple touch, an indivdual can go on through their tedious days with a stress-free positve attitude and outlook on life. Massage has taught me many things, as I continue to learn more everyday I meet new people and influence their lives as they do mine in a positve nature.