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Invest in Rest

How many of us will let our phones die? Not too many of us can function with a dead device for too long. Most of us carry an extra battery pack for a back –up & if not we will try to find the nearest charging outlet so that we can get back connected to everything we need in order to function. Question, if you wouldn’t let your phone die, why would you let your internal battery function at a low percentage? We must remind ourselves to charge back up to 100% so that we can function and take care of all of the things we need to on a daily basis & be the best versions of ourselves.  As soon as apple drops and iOS software update – we can't wait to get connected to Wi-Fi & it’s on and popping. Use those same methods for yourself and don’t forget to do internal system maintenance to get yourself refreshed.

Do you find yourself exhausted on a regular basis? Well I will be the first to admit that I do. With my corporate job – working 65-70 hours per week due to demand, then with my weekend job traveling every weekend domestically. Not to mention I travel internationally once a month as well.  Travel alone is rough on the body then add time zone changes every couple of days - it’s a lot of wear a tear. When is the last time you took time out for yourself? What is your reward for yourself and all your hard work? When trying to recover and decompress find ways to adjust your already hectic schedule & pencil in some time for just you. One of the biggest things I still struggle with until this day, however I am getting better with is saying “NO”. I am a people pleaser by nature so for a long time I use to feel bad for telling people “no” I can’t make it, or I can’t do this for you. I have learned that saying “no” is one of the healthiest forms of self-care!

            At the end of the day you can take care of everyone and everything but who is going to take care of you? My self-care this week will be taking time for myself to get a massage, one of my favorite things to do & a huge way for me to be disconnected from all of my devices and work. Take time for yourself while still getting things done. Whether it's taking a break from work, your spouse, the kids everyone needs quality ME time. If carving out time for you will be difficult  & you need some pointers on organization check out my blog post on planners & prioritization called “New -Year, New me Right?”.



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