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Is Massage a Luxury?

My profession encourages me to say “No, it is not a luxury, it is preventative health care”. However, in my experience as a licensed therapist, massage therapy is indeed a luxury for many, if not most.

Time & money. Not having enough of either is the most common reason clients say they don’t book massages more often. For some it’s a matter of taking a closer look at their funds and schedules to discover they actually have the means to invest. For others, no matter how they try to balance their income and responsibilities, neither the time nor the money is available. And then…you have a population of people who may have the means but don’t consider themselves as someone who needs to be taken care of. They figure the way they’re feeling- exhausted, achy, heavy, a foggy brain -is just a part of life.

While we can’t control every matter and situation we experience, we can decide how we want to recover and move forward. When you feel good, you do good and massage therapy soothes what’s sore; body and/or feelings. One of the oldest forms of medicine, once kept exclusively for the wealthy, is available at YOUR earliest convenience, although the sooner the better. Every (body) needs a massage!


If you’ve experienced the positive effects of getting massaged regularly (bi weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly), introduce someone who has never been by giving a gift certificate.

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