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The Remedy


Meditation- the art of being still and training your attention to focus on a thought, feeling, activity or object- has historically been difficult for me. My mind races with thoughts from the moment I wake until I drift to sleep.

The Remedy...

Mala Beads! Mala is a sanskrit word that translates to "meditation garland". Traditionally there are 108 beads, giving you 108 moments to recite an affirmation or visualize what you would like to manifest. This addition to my spiritual tool box has been a total game changer!

Arts and crafts is one of my favorite ways of therapeutic creative expression. Pictured below are two sets of Mala Beads that I made with supplies from Michael's and Beadtime in Orlando, Fl. The overall process was simple, select my beads, count them out and measure out the string. I added the first 14 beads, 84 of the next and the last 14 beads, tying a knot in after each bead added. Lastly, I tied the two ends together and add the guru/grounding stone which I used a Hamasa Hand for one and a crystal for the other.

To prepare for meditation I pick two ideas I want to focus on. As of late, I have been encouraging myself to be courageous, full of love, truly abundant and an example of peace. Because I my mind seems to want to juggle multiple ideas I give it 4 ideas focus on. Breaking up the 108; the first 14 of larger beads I recite aloud an affirmation to ground myself...

'Everything that I need, I already have.

Everything that I have is all that I need.

Anything that I desire I will receive because my reality is created by me'


The next 84 of smaller beads I speak my 4 personal affirmations...

'I am courgeous

I am love

I am abundant

I am peace'

The last 14 I repeat my grounding affirmation. Finally, once I reach my guru piece, my mind has usually quieted and I am still. I hold that space for as long as I can and give thanks for the moment(s) of absolute peace.

I try to practice this daily, first thing in the morning before I start my day so that I can have a "fresh start". The act of counting each bead forces me to slow down and hear myself speak uplifting words to myself. This practice assists me in reprograming my mind from concentrating on my fears to focusing on my goals.

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