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"DeAndra is truly AMAZING!  Her ability to skillfully locate and alleviate the source of your muscle fatigue is among the very best I have ever experienced.  She is also very professional and reliable - along with simply being one of the kindest persons you will ever meet!"

~ J. Jensen 

Services: Text




You need me, I knead you.  Services are designed to provide
relief from physical pain and discomfort while also giving you
peace of mind, if only for an hour.  Please read carefully and
select a service that best fits your kneads!


Feeling tense?...Escape with this

$90 | 60 Min     $120 | 90 Min

designed to restore tired muscles and a fatigued brain

with slow fluid strokes that are sure to induce a

euphoric state. 


Unknot and unwind through

$115 | 60 Min     $145 | 90 Min

An application of deep pressure to knead and 

release knots and chronic tension.


High levels of bliss
$100 | 60 Min

with a restorative Swedish massage and hot stones to target your most problematic area. Finished with a back polish to reveal a smooth and silky back. 


High levels of bliss
$100 | 75 Min

Soothe sore muscles, increase circulation and relax your mind with this Level I massage modified to side lying positing for the comfort and support of mom and baby.


/ˈbädē/ /ˈtrētmənt/


Soft & Radiant
$70 | 45 Min

Awaken your dry dull skin with a fine salt exfoliant

blended with moisturizing oils and removed with

steamed towels steeped in essential oils to illuminate

your skin's natural glow.


Hydrating & Detoxifying
$70 | 45 Min

Reduce the look of pores, detox or restore dehydrated 

skin with a soothing mud, detoxifying seaweed or

hydration wrap. Applied from the décolleté down to

your toes and removed with towels steamed with

essential oils.


Beyond deserving this is self-care

$290 | 150 Min

Begin with a warm footbath with aromatic essential oils while you relax and customize your body polish and

wrap products. Next, a double full body exfoliation;

first with a fine dry brush and then your personalized

body scrub to buff away dry skin, followed by a

hydrating, smoothing or detoxifying wrap of your

choice. Finally, melt the stress away with a 60-minute

hot stone massage. *Take home your complimentary

body brush & body scrub to maintain your self-care routine 

at home.


A customized treatment that will reveal a fresh back.

$100 | 75 Min

The Foundation Facial but on your back! Includes all the classic components- cleansing, exfoliating, extracting and masking with products that will leave your back feeling refreshed. And oh yes, massage included!




An excellent treatment for all skin types.
$100 | 75 Min

The Foundation Facial includes all the classic components of deep pore cleansing-  exfoliating, extracting, and masking with products that deliver beautiful results.


Natural radiance is highlighted through advanced exfoliation techniques
$190 | 90 Min

Building on The Foundation, this treatment focuses on removing many layers of dead skin. Enhanced with Microdermabrasion OR Dermaplane and followed by enzymatic peel to reveal your skin’s natural glow. 


Breakouts? No Sweat. 
$190 | 90 Min

Stress, diet and hormones can create an imbalance in our skin, resulting in pimples, blemishes and other breakouts. The Rebalanced facial was designed to address challenges, identify possible triggers and restore a proper balance. Includes extended extraction time, two masks and high frequency.


Coming Spring 2023

We can’t change our age but we can rejuvenate a more youthful appearance!

$190 | 90 Min

The secret to youthful skin? consistent maintenance and the right energy! This treatment features NuFace, a microcurrent facial toning device that creates a natural facelift. Coupled action packed serums full of ceramides, peptides and hyaluronic acid!

Techniques Offered

Skincare Technology: SkinScrubber, High Frequency

Advanced Exfoliation: Microdermabrasion $60, Dermaplane $60, Enzymatic Peels $40, Chemical Peels *varies


Foot Scrub....... $10.00

Back Scrub....... $10.00

CBD Target Treatment...…. $10.00

Hot Stones....... $20.00

CBD Full Body Treatment....... $30.00

Cupping....... $30.00

Hot Oil Scalp Massage....... $15.00

Ice Globes...…. $15.00

Extended Facial Massage....... $25.00

Gua Sha....... $25.00

Massage Oils

"DeAndra Dunn is a five-star massage therapist!  She is passionate about her profession and an excellent communicator.  She is very knowledgeable about body mechanics, highly professional, and makes me feel completely at ease and relaxed during our sessions. I suffer from neck, shoulder and upper back stiffness from working at a desk all day.  After a session I can definitely feel the difference.  I highly recommend DeAndra and will continue to recommend her to others."  

~V. Youshaw

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