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Power of Gratitude

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Don’t underestimate the power of gratitude.

Programming my mind to focus more on my blessings and less on my worries has been a game changer in my life. When I spend time writing or reciting reasons I am grateful I am consumed by what makes me feel good versus distracted by things that take me away from goals and responsibilities.

There are moments when I catch myself overwhelmed about future plans; albeit the immediate future or big picture dreams. Right now, the entire world is overwhelmed by the Coronavirus/ COVID-19 pandemic. So many of us are concerned about staying healthy, adjusting to our new “normal” of social distancing, and figuring out how to provide for ourselves and families in the meantime. In the past I would over analyze the situation, going through every possible “what if” scenario which would only deepen my level worry, spending me spiraling down to partake in unfavorable behaviors ( spending unnecessary money is my unfavorable behavior).

What I have learned to do instead is first breathe and then focus on what is going well in my life. I am a drama queen and a Capricorn; my mind jumps to the worst-case scenario and then tries to figure out how to change fate. So yes, the first thing I need to do is breathe…a series a deep breaths and then, aloud, I begin speak my blessings. They usually start out broad but then they become more specific.

“I am grateful to be of sound mind”

“I am grateful to be surrounded by loving & supportive family and friends”

“I am grateful to have been afforded the experiences and lessons, both positive and negative, in my life”

“I am grateful for nature, providing everything I need to take care of my body and making me smile throughout the day”

“I am grateful for the interaction I had with a woman on the metro yesterday, her words inspired me to continue to fight for my dreams.”

“I am grateful for the prayers of my ancestors that are guiding me to my destiny and protecting me from anything that has a desire to stop me”

“I am grateful for the knowledge and wisdom that no one or nothing can take away from me”


By doing this I am reminded of different ways the universe has provided what I needed. In fact, the universe always provides; if I am ever without it is temporary or I really never NEEDED it. And for that I am most grateful, this puts my spirit at ease. I repeat this process as often I as I need to ensure that I maintain the vibration of gratitude at all times. When we express our gratitude we reinforce the energy, thus manifesting more reasons to be grateful. What you put out is what you get back. If you focus on is what you attract. To close out this step I ask the universe to provide the answers I am seeking and that I may receive it effortlessly. (Be specific; ask for what you want. I prefer to grow gently. LOL)

Now what? What do I do while waiting for answers?

In the case of COVID-19, the best thing to do is be open minded to new way living and return to what has protected human beings 1000s of years, a holistic lifestyle. Take this time to explore in depth ways to heal, protect and elevate your being by using herbs, fruits and vegetables and the four elements of nature (fire, water, air & earth). UHHH?!... What does that look like? Increasing your intake of mucus fighting and immune boosting agents such as ginger, honey, garlic, matcha and citrus, get plenty of rest and be sure to get fresh air…at the appropriate distance from your neighbors of course!

Aside from COVID-19

There are number of things you can do in the meantime. Read a book, workout, do some self care activities or anything that will keep your spirits up and you motivated and confident. One of my favorite ways to be productive during this waiting period is to express my gratitude to others. Usually, when I am stressed or overwhelmed, I find it more satisfying to focus on others than myself. It’s the perfect distraction! Here are a few tips of showing gratitude to others:

· FaceTime a loved one and tell them exactly why you are grateful to have them in your life.

· Give a gift that supports THEIR need or interest, not just a gift you would like to give (hint: if you don’t know what they need or want…ASK! everything does not have to be a surprise).

· Make plans to spend time without any expectation or dictation of what happens. Vibe out how they want to.

· Write down 20 reasons you are grateful for them on individual pieces of paper, put them in a jar and share with your person when they’re having a challenging day.

· Create a playlist of songs that reminds you how awesome your person is and share with them.

The process of counting my blessings to ease the feeling of being stressed or overwhelmed is a daily practice. As simple as it may sound, implementing this tactic to combat negative thoughts has allowed me to manifest more abundance, more reasons to be grateful. This process is useful for small and big challenges alike.

Stuck in traffic? “I am so grateful to have a car”, “grateful to have friends to meet for brunch”, “grateful for this delay as it must be keeping me from something I do not want experience”, "grateful for this granola bar in my purse because clearly I am going to be late for brunch". LOL

Humbly, I have arrived at to the point that not much stresses me out anymore. I am truly confident in my own ability to define and create my own happiness without always being in absolute control. I’ve experienced plenty of hard lessons trying to force what I wanted instead of allowing it to F L O W to M E... F R E E L Y.

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